5 Reasons You Should Automate Your Job Descriptions

By JDXpert - April 03, 2016

​More and more articles are focusing on the importance of well-maintained job descriptions and it has me thinking, why are so many businesses still relying on Word or paper-based job descriptions?  Many of you would argue that time, money, and the lack of manpower is to blame, but have you ever thought of what you are losing by not maintaining your job descriptions properly?  A job description can serve as a guide when recruiting, conducting performance reviews or determining compensation.  Implementing an automated job description management system allows you to take full advantage of your job descriptions while helping to reduce the burden of the task.

Accessibility and Security
Having a system that is not hard bound to your office allows you to access job descriptions from anywhere with an Internet connection.  This gives you and other authorized users the freedom to access job descriptions on-demand reducing the burden of HR having to carry out the task.  Think about the time you’ll save!  Also, on the subject of security, automated systems allow you to permit access to users of your choosing.  No more wondering if your email will remain confidential or your printed version will remain hidden from other staffers. 

Take a handful of job descriptions and look at them closely; do they share a consistent look, or portray a uniform image of your company? Automating your job descriptions and the process to which they are created can help maintain a consistent look, feel, and message.  When the same feeling is carried throughout all job descriptions, candidates will better understand your business culture and employees will know what you expect from them.  Using a consistent template can give your company a polished look and can also help facilitate the editing process by providing editors with a guide to follow.

Reduce Administrative Burden
Technology has greatly reduced the amount of time and resources needed to complete a task but if you are still editing job descriptions in Word and storing them in manila folders and computer hard drives, then you are allowing them to remain a burden instead of them becoming an asset.  When tasks are difficult or time consuming it is only natural for us to avoid them.  If job descriptions and their editing process are automated, time can be saved and stress levels can be managed.  Automation allows you to setup workflows automatically, see who has given input and who still needs to respond, and which job descriptions are complete and which are still outstanding.  

Integration with Other Systems
What is the use of a job description management tool that does not integrate with your recruitment, performance, or compensation system?  Automated systems allow for easy integration and transfer of data from one source to another.  Often with printed versions, manual data entry is required, increasing the time and funds dedicated to data transfer. Automating the process can elevate job descriptions to an integral element of your entire talent management system. 

Reduces Legal Exposure
A well-constructed job description can help reduce your company’s legal exposure by clearly stating the responsibilities and essential functions of the job.  Hiring, promotion, and dismissal decisions can be supported by a job description and help reduce the suspicion of bias or favoritism.  Also, having a document listing essential functions can also help protect you from discrimination claims on the basis of ADA regulations.  Joint Commissions also requires up-to-date job descriptions and with an automated system, it is much more viable for HR personnel to keep clear job description records.

There are numerous reasons to move toward an automated job descriptions management system but simply put, if you would like to reduce the time and effort needed to overhaul and maintain job descriptions, the answer might lie within technology and an automated job description management tool. 

What are you using to maintain your job descriptions?  We'd like to hear from you so please feel free to leave us a comment.



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