HRTMS Announces Release Of JDXpert

By JDXpert - April 05, 2016

HRTMS Inc., a human resources software company that specializes in Job Information and Description Management, announced today the worldwide release of its newest product, JDXpert. JDXpert by HRTMS is an All-In-One Job Information & Description Management System that enables users to consolidate and maintain their job descriptions and job information in one application. 

Like its predecessor, HRTMS Jobs, JDXpert goes beyond just job description management! JDXpert provides a robust yet intuitive space for HR practitioners to organize all pertinent job data – from job description and job family details to vital compensation and compliance information. Among JDXpert’s numerous new features is a simplified workflow that allows for one-click, “no-logon” participation by any employee or stakeholder, an integrated knowledge base, easy-to-administer employee acknowledgements, and massive scalability to support any size portfolio and organizations with multiple entities. 

“In order for a company to remain a leader in any field, they must continue to evolve and bring new and useful features to the table,” says Mitch Stephens, President and Chief Product Architect. “I believe that we have created the most comprehensive, feature-rich and easy-to-use Job Information and Description Management tool on the market today. Also, the previous product name wasn’t in line with the direction the new product family has taken, so we felt that JDXpert better described what we do, that our offering is not just limited to job description management but an enriched, far-reaching job information solution.”

HRTMS will continue to support those clients still using HRTMS Jobs and offers product migration plans for HRTMS Jobs customers that want to move to JDXpert. “It’s been difficult keeping this under wraps for the past 18 months so I’m so excited that we can finally go public with the details of JDXpert. My hope is that our current and prospective customers feel the same way I do but I’m confident that once they’re introduced to JDXpert, they’ll see why it’s a game-changer.”



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