Comp Pros: There Is An App For That!

By JDXpert - August 18, 2020

What if there was one system that could not only solve your job description problems once and for all but could also allow you to address other critical HR and Compensation  initiatives yourself, without the cost and complexity of additional implementations or the need to learn other complex systems. And what if all you needed was knowledge of Excel. Well there is! JDXpert Apps.

Apps is a suite of six workflow/approval applications, integrated with JDXpert’s Job Description Solution, that seamlessly connects the employee, their supervisor and HR/Comp to enable solutions to the constantly increasing demands on HR and Comp. 

These applications include

  • Compensation Statements  
  • Performance Reviews
  • Check-ins
  • Personnel Action Forms
  • Job Description Acknowledgements
  • Manager Attestations

You can enable one or any combination of Apps, and each one has their own set of business rules, forms, reports and workflows. This means that you could conduct annual performance reviews concurrently with ad-hoc personnel actions forms and job description acknowledgments. Users are alerted to workflow activity and see tasks related to each application through the same simple user interface.
At the core of JDXpert Apps is a powerful form engine that is based on an Excel workbook that you design.  All the power of Excel is preserved, including unlimited layouts and formatting, multiple tabs and formulas. You get the power of Excel with the convenience an ease-of-use secure web application.  
Job description information can be integrated into the process. For example, an employee can view and acknowledge their job description while completing a self-review. Or performance measures in the annual review can be derived from the employee’s job description.  
The Apps
Compensation Statements
Deliver informative financial compensation statements or total rewards statements to your employees and optionally request a sign-off.
Performance Reviews
Annual or Semi-Annual performance reviews are still a staple in many organizations. Apps lets you easily create, deploy, and track these conversations so that managers and employees can maintain understanding of expectations. 
Structured check-ins foster a healthy constructive relationship between manager and employees. Apps let you define a continual feedback process based on regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, etc.), or triggered ad-hoc by the manager or employee. 
Manager Attestations
Manager attestations allow you to track manager confirmation that employees are qualified to perform in their role. This not only provides assurance of employee competency but can also help meet compliance of certain regulatory agencies. 
Personnel Action Forms
Include a myriad of HR transactions that often fall through the cracks like appointments, promotions, terminations, changes in status, compensation, etc.  
Job Description Acknowledgements
Employees sign off on their job descriptions, acknowledging their understanding of the expectations of the job. 
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