The Most Efficient Way To Organize Your Job Description Library

By JDXpert - January 09, 2020

Where are you currently storing your job descriptions? And how many different documents do you have for each job? The answer to this question for many organizations would be:

  1. Strewn about in 10 different folders on 5 different PCs and drives on the Cloud
  2. A mixture of Word docs for basic job info and Excel sheets for things like competencies and physical demands

When a situation arises in which job description (JD) data needs to be accessed quickly and en masse, chaos ensues. Some poor sole is forced to open hundreds of documents and countless spreadsheets, ctrl+F relevant data and copy/paste it into their report. Sound familiar? If so, you’ve likely questioned the efficiency of this process and long for a better way to organize your job descriptions.  But how? 
The correct answer is a searchable, importable, exportable database. Imagine if each job description field, from FLSA Status to Core Competencies, was stored in an easy-to-use, secure, and organized database in the cloud. In the above scenario, the individual now simply runs a quick export from JDXpert and his work is done!

Sounds great, right? But what if your organization has supplemental documents for each JD that you can’t or don’t want to store in JDXpert? For example, Market Pricing Data, Org Charts, Candidate Resumes, the Original Job Posting, Questionnaires, or even the Word documents or Excel sheets of the original JD.
JDXpert has a built-in repository for attachments just like the ones mentioned above. You can upload any relevant documents within the JD record for easy access. Like in most areas of JDXpert, the attachment repository has plenty of security built around it. Easily choose which employee roles or individual employees have access to each document for every JD. During implementation, we can also help in the creation of dynamic expressions that determine intricate security profiles – and they never need to be updated.
With so much flexibility and functionality at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create and maintain a job description library that your pre-JDXpert self would envy. Stop wasting countless hours using an outdated and inefficient process; check out what JDXpert can do for you. Click here to learn more.



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