Do Your Job Descriptions Reflect Your Corporate Culture

By JDXpert - April 03, 2016

Have you ever hired an employee who fits the requirements of the job but just didn’t work out? Many HR departments depend on a job description when recruiting job candidates but could your job descriptions be to blame for not recruiting the right person for the job? One of the most important things to remember when writing your job description is to write it in accordance with your corporate culture and goals. By doing so, you will have a better chance of attracting those who fit into that culture.

Many job seekers look at a company’s ethos as much as they look at the position’s pay and responsibilities. This is especially true for experienced seekers who have already worked in multiple work environments and know which works best for them.

So when constructing your job description ask yourself these questions?
  • Is the company aggressive in meeting its goals or works in a slower, laid-back pace?
  • Is it a casual-atmosphere company or more corporate? Is it particular about office timings?
  • Is the team huge? What is the contribution of each member in the team? Is there a learning scope in the department?
  • What personality type are you looking for? Who will help you meet your goals while still adhering to your company’s culture and philosophy? 
Oftentimes the writing style and word choice says just as much about your company as does the content. A description for an accounting firm should look very different than that of a new web development company. In the end, the goal is to attract and retain people who are right for the position and the company, so don’t be afraid to use your job description as a reflection of your corporate culture.

Do you think your job descriptions reflect your company culture? Please let us know by leaving us a comment.


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