Function Meets Design: Introducing JDXpert V2

By JDXpert - January 15, 2021

Inspired by feedback from customers, partners and other stakeholders, we embarked on an ambitious project to instill a more intuitive design and simplified user experience into our job description management platform. This will improve the job description maintenance process and reinforce active engagement amongst its users. It has been a long year, but we finally did it; we’re now able to officially announce the release of our new user interface!

You Spoke, We Listened

Since its inception over a decade ago, JDXpert has focused on bringing its customers a robust, flexible, and feature-rich solution that helps HR construct, store, and maintain job descriptions that drive effective HR processes. Because our attention has always been on developing the best, most comprehensive job description system available, we emphasized less on the look and feel and more on performance. We still believe this was the best move for us and our customers because too many systems prioritize design over function and then fail to help customers succeed. At the root of who we are, we want our customer to know that we are always listening and will continue to develop solutions that they can count on. To that end, we heard what you said about our user interface and experience and implemented a look and feel that will amplify that usability and necessity of JDXpert.

What To Expect

  • A Fresh New Look – An important part of this release is to bring a cleaner, simpler, and more consistent approach to how information and forms are presented to users.
  • Migration of Key Forms – Over 180 forms have already been updated and others will be included in subsequent releases.
  • Fully Tested Software – All forms have been rigorously reviewed and tested to ensure a smooth transition from V1 to V2.
  • A Best Practice Approach to Configuration – With the release of JDXpert V2, we will also be introducing a range of new best practice configurations to make the functions in V2 easier to use and understand.

Improvements Include


As users enter JDXpert, they are greeted with an all new dashboard (home screen) complete with quick links, tasks, responsive graphs and statistics and more. The dashboard has been completely reimagined to make navigating the system even easier and like V1, user views are configurable by role.

Home After

Job Description Form

As the most utilized form within the entire system, the job description form has been completely overhaled to make the editing process simple for all stakeholders. Viewing and editing can now be done in the same form with the implementation of a new edit toggle. Sections of the job descriptions are laid out down the left side of the form and users are able to navigate from beginning to end using the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom right. If a job description is in Workflow, a banner across the top is easily visible and allows uses to take action direct from that banner.


Job Management

A favorite among Compensation and other Administrative users is the job management module. Much of the functionality remains from V1 but in a cleaner, more deliberate package. The search and filtering options were also streamlined to make finding the desired job(s) much easier.

Job Management After

Content Library (Essential Functions/KSAs)

One of our customer's favorite features in V1 was its powerful content library. In V2, however; we completely reimagined the layout making it extremely simple to find the right content. 

Essential Functions Content AfterContent Library (Qualifications)

In Qualifications, reviewers are met with a histogram representing the most common attributes found in that job. All of this to help editors find the most relevant content.

Qualifications Content After

Workflow Details

In V2, we've taken areas within the system that were once data-heavy and alter them so that they are displayed in a more visual manor. The same functionality remains, just in a more appealing presentation. 

Workflow Details After


Click here to read the press release of this announcement. For more information on JDXpert and to get a first-hand look at the new UI/UX, contact us today.



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