(VIDEO) Getting To Know Andrew Ellerhorst

By JDXpert - October 22, 2020

Less than two months ago, Andrew Ellerhorst took over as President and CEO, a position previously held by Founder, Mitch Stephens. Don't worry, Mitch is still a very big part of JDXpert but now focuses on product development as VP of Technology. Read all about it hereMany of our clients and partners have already had the pleasure of being introduced to Andrew but other are still yet to meet the new leader of JDXpert.

In this 3 part series, we sit down with him and discuss everything from his background, to his take on what makes JDXpert a market leader, to his vision for the company's future. We even touch on a few fun facts you might be surprised to learn.

(Part 1) How one man met a cool little company called JDXpert








(Part 2) How it all began








(Part 3) What the future holds











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