How Great Managers Increase Employee Performance

By JDXpert - April 03, 2016

Managers have it tough; they are not only responsible for their own actions but also the actions or inactions of those they supervise. So what makes some managers so skilled in maintaining employee performance? It’s no secret that in order to be a good manager one must be approachable while still being authoritative, be a good listener while still being assertive, and create a positive work environment while still attaining company goals. But there are five ways a manager can have an impact on the performance of their employees.

Every employee is unique; their personalities, their skills, and their motivation to perform. The job of a manager is to find out what drives each employee to do better, and do what they can to fulfill that need. And no, money doesn’t always have to be the motivation. Sometimes employees simply want to know how their actions impact the organization or to be told their efforts are appreciated.

Give Praise
Whether your employees makes a big sale or stays ten minutes late on a Friday to finish a project, it is important for you to take the time to praise them for a job well done. So be observant and try to recognize when an employee goes above and beyond their job description or achieves a company goal. Each instance is an opportunity for you to show your awareness of their efforts.

Provide Feedback
No one is the perfect employee at all times, so it is important to let your employees know of how they are falling short of expectations and how they can rectify the situation. Oftentimes employees are unaware of their actions or how those actions can impact the entire company. It is important to offer encouragement and not a scolding; you are to be critical of the behavior, not the employee. Providing thorough and timely feedback gives employees the opportunity to recognize their behavior and correct their performance.

Set Goals
Share with your team your vision of the future, where you want to be and how to get there. By communicating your vision you will make your priorities clear and give employees the opportunity to focus their efforts at attaining a common goal. They will feel part of something bigger than themselves and strive to do their part. It must also be said that the goals set must be attainable. If they are not, your employees will lose faith in their ability to achieve the goal and cease to try.

Lead By Example
This is by far the most important of all, lead by example. We’ve all heard the saying, you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Good managers do just that, they not only say how to perform but they perform themselves. Employees need to be able to depend on you for guidance and look at you as an example of what excellent performance is all about.

So what do you do to encourage employees to become high performers? We’d like to hear from you so please leave us your comments. Find this post interesting? Then please share with your colleagues.



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