HRTMS Increases Customer Base By 83% In 2012

By JDXpert - April 03, 2016

​2012 was a big year for us at HRTMS; we've grown our customer base by an astounding 83% and end the year in a strong financial position. The client base includes large organizations including Xerox, Aeropostale, Charming Shoppes, Lincoln Financial and Dollar Thrifty.

Mitch Stephens, Principal and Chief Software Architect states, “We continue to see very strong demand for our Job Description Management system in all verticals but especially in healthcare and financial services.  We delivered significant new functionality including support for multiple languages, SAML authentication, questionnaires for FLSA and ADA, and completion of our advanced workflow engine to support group collaboration.”  

HRTMS Jobs is the leading SaaS-based Job Description Management tool.  It allows companies to replace Word-based job descriptions with a secure, structured system that gives all stakeholders easy access to the most current job descriptions.  

Mitch Stephens said, “As more of our customers go live with the system we are incorporating best practices and streamlined operations into the system.  We are seeing a more diverse set of use cases and deeper levels of integration with other systems. This is all very positive as we look forward to 2013.  

We are planning on releasing an SMB/multi-tenant version of HRTMS Jobs next year called ‘Job Description Exchange’. This new system will broaden the market base and allow for smaller organizations to collaborate with other companies.”

So stay tuned to for more information about HRTMS.



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