New eBook: The Ultimate Job Description Playbook

By JDXpert - January 27, 2022

You’ve been writing job descriptions for years, but could you be falling victim to common writing and management mistakes without even knowing it? Our new eBook – The Ultimate Job Description Playbook - explores common job description mistakes and how to rectify them, introduces you to job description process best practices, and explains how power tools can help reduce effort and greatly enhance your job description maintenance process.

We’ll give you clear examples of what to include in your job descriptions and what to leave out like jargon for example. Jargon and acronyms can intimidate qualified job candidates or confuse employees. Which in a hard-to-recruit environment like we’re experiencing now, can be the difference between losing or retaining talent.

This eBook also provides information on how to make your job descriptions more legal/compliance-friendly. How to avoid FLSA classification issues, verbiage to avoid, and how employee acknowledgments can help shield you from future compliance issues.

We review the most common job description sections and what information should be included in each, as well as ways technology is making writing, reviewing, and maintenance easier.

And lastly, we discuss how job descriptions are essential in preparing your organization for the future, specifically, how debiasing your job descriptions can help increase the talent pool, how to use them to prepare for business disruption, and the benefit of scoring your job descriptions.

If you’re looking for actionable advice on ways to improve your job descriptions, then download this free eBook today.



10 Ways To Improve Your Job Descriptions

Are you looking for a better way to create and maintain better job descriptions? Then this eBook is right up your alley!

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