New Year, New CEO, New Focus!

By JDXpert - January 21, 2021

Moving forward into 2021, we leave behind a very challenging year – but it was not without its triumphs and a few massive strides forward. Let’s have a look at what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed!

New CEO: Andrew Ellerhorst joined JDXpert in late August 2020

In 2020, we welcomed Andrew Ellerhorst as our new CEO. Taking over for Mitch Stephens, Andrew had big shoes to fill, but it’s a job he embraced with great enthusiasm and passion. JDXpert has thrived under his leadership. His experience and background in finance and product management parlay into a solid vision for JDXpert’s future. Combine that with his trademark optimism, approachability, and innovative thinking, and we’re confident we’ve got the right person in place to lead us into the future.

Our company has grown significantly in the last few years, and were going to continue to invest in that – but never at the expense of customer service or employee happiness. Maintaining our culture and continuing to help our customers overcome challenges remain our prime motivations.”

To learn more about Andrew’s, check out his September press release.

Things We Focused on In 2020

  • New Interface! Inspired by feedback from customers, partners and other stakeholders, we embarked on an ambitious project to instill a more intuitive design and simplified user experience into our job description management platform. We were able to migrate 180+ forms in this initial release and will include others in subsequent releases. Throughout the project, our team worked hard to conserve the integrity of the system while enhancing its visual appeal.
  • RE-imagined Partnership with PayScale. As the industry leader in compensation data and technology, PayScale helps organizations #getpayright. They understand that job descriptions play a vital role in cultivating talent and reducing risk and have teamed up with JDXpert to be the exclusive job description software provider for their customers and are now selling MarketPay Jobs (JDXpert’s job description management tool) under the PayScale banner.

Our Vision For 2021

Although 2020 was challenging because of the COVID health crisis, there have been many bright spots despite it all.

As our CEO so succinctly put it, “Along with the chaos of 2020, there have also been some good moments. With any challenge, there is also the opportunity to overcome. As a team, we have many things to be proud of and celebrate. We grew our customer base this year, expanded our team, brokered a new partnership with PayScale, and completed our brand new UX/UI with V2.”

So what does the future hold for JDXpert? Here’s where our attention currently lies:

  • New User Interface Release. With a new year comes a new interface and user experience. We know there’s plenty to love about V1, but V2 delivers a fresh new look that’s cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive. To ensure implementation and migration success, we developed a new training program to provide users with everything they need to get the most out of the platform. We’re working hard to give you the tools you need to make your job descriptions easier to manage and more impactful. To learn more about V2 (available now to new customers and rollout to current customers starting in April 2021), read our blog post, Function Meets Design: Introducing JDXpert V2.
  • New Pricing Tiers. We’ve generally focused on the enterprise until now, but we realize that small-to-midsize organizations also struggle with job descriptions! We now offer two lower-priced plans (JDXpert Basic and JDXpert Pro), priced to make our solutions viable for just about any company.
  • Building and Strengthening Our Culture. Finally, our overarching goal is to continue to grow our team to better support our customers, expand our customer base, and continue to evangelize the importance of job descriptions. Our employees already know that JDXpert is a fantastic place to work – but in the words of our CEO, “Our team has successfully created a customer-centric solution and a company anyone would be proud of. We have an exceptionally talented team, and I fully believe we’ve just scratched the surface of what we are capable of accomplishing.”


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