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By JDXpert - January 26, 2021

When it comes to best-in-class compensation and workforce management solutions, one name rises above the rest...PayScale. With thousands of comp pros trusting PayScale's compensation management software to ensure accuracy and efficiency in their compensation practices, they've been able to establish themselves as an authority on compensation. So when JDXpert was able to expand its long time partnership with the company to bring and even more robust integration between the two systems, we knew we were creating a dynamic solution for organizations looking to ensure that talent is recruited, paid, retained and operates in a way that best serves the business and the individual.

Through MarketPay Jobs, Powered by JDXpert, PayScale MarketPay users can access to job description functionality from directly within MarketPay, allowing users to create, edit, manage and view job descriptions side-by-side. A two-way integration that includes view & edit capabilities.

If you're considering establishing a relationship with PayScale, then ask your sales representative about MarketPay Jobs. To learn more about this partnership and why job descriptions are so integral in the compensation process, click here.




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