What is Job Description Management Software, and Why is it Essential to HR?

By JDXpert - February 22, 2022

Job description software is fast becoming a must-have in HR. Solutions like JDXpert support HR professionals with powerful online tools that help them create, update, collaborate, manage, publish, post, and search job descriptions, making light work of what once was an arduous and inefficient manual process.

As the remote work trend continues and competition for top talent intensifies, the need for job description software is significant. The right solution accelerates and simplifies workflows, removes data silos, and enables collaboration, helping companies stay on top of compliance and other critical issues so they can focus on recruiting and business growth.

Today we’ll dive into job description management software, define what it is, and talk about why it’s an essential solution for today’s HR professionals.

What is Job Description Management Software?

Simply put, job description management software is a digital tool designed to help companies and HR professionals manage job descriptions. These solutions simplify what is typically a labor-intensive and inefficient process, offering department heads and hiring managers a way to generate, update, and manage job descriptions in less time and with greater accuracy.

Top Features of Job Description Management Software

Job description management software helps HR address several critical areas that include:

  • Job description creation. Don’t know where to start? With an AI-powered library containing hundreds of thousands of job descriptions, the creation process is a breeze. Simply select one that’s close to what you need and edit as needed. If you get stuck, the AI will suggest content as you write.
  • Maintaining consistency in formatting and design. When individual departments own and manage job descriptions, they tend to lack organizational consistency. Job description management software ensures all job descriptions maintain a consistent look and feel that is always on-brand.
  • Debiasing job description language. Biased language in job descriptions is a barrier to hiring. Job description management software helps you create job descriptions that appeal to all qualified applicants. The software also analyzes existing job descriptions to identify biased language, streamlining ongoing efforts to review and update.
  • Addressing pay equity. Pay equity is an essential best practice in HR. Job description management software allows job description creators to gain a clear understanding of the work people do. It also helps identify similar jobs, and compare job descriptions side-by-side, enabling fast analysis and identification of disparities.
  • Risk mitigation. Regulators and litigators will immediately ask to see the job description in any dispute scenario. Job description management software enables fast response to these queries.
  • Versioning and historical archiving. Instantly retrieve and view all versions of a job description, including when changes were made and by who, or compare versions to see how the position has evolved over time.

Why HR Needs Job Description Management Software

We now know some of the many ways that job description management software solves the age-old problems around creating and maintaining job descriptions. In the past, this essential process was either neglected or avoided due to cumbersome and inefficient processes.

However, the HR landscape of today is far more complex than ever before. Enterprise-level organizations have an incredibly challenging path as they manage these tasks at scale, compounding the potential for errors and putting the company at risk.

As we ride the tsunami wave caused by the Great Resignation, HR departments are often challenged to do more with fewer people. The right software automates repetitive and labor-intensive tasks so HR personnel can accomplish more with greater accuracy.

A typical HR technology stack will include several applications to address various concerns, including benefits management, bonus tracking, applicant tracking, performance management, attendance tracking, HR analytics, compensation management, and more.

Job descriptions are foundational in all HR activities listed above, and the software designed to manage them is fast becoming an essential tool in this kit. When integrated with existing applications, it adds functionality that reduces time, increases value, and streamlines workflows holistically. When integrated with recruitment, compensation, talent management, and HRMS systems, JD management software streamlines HR workflows and significantly accelerates time-to-result.

Accomplish More with Fewer People in Less Time

We now know that job description management software automates vital HR functions like job description creation. It also provides industry-leading guidance on job titles, language, and compensation benchmarks.

But why is it essential for HR today?

Gain a competitive advantage

Accelerating the job description creation and review process means that companies can post and publish job descriptions faster, ensuring they gain a competitive advantage for the talent they seek.

Break down data silos

Before job description management software, job descriptions were maintained in Word documents, stored on shared drives or individual hard drives. These manual, siloed processes were inefficient, time-consuming, and potentially risky for the company as they welcomed multiple, conflicting version of the same job description.

Attract qualified talent

HR teams’ challenges in attracting the right candidates often come down to the job description’s language. Sometimes, it’s as subtle as a misplaced pronoun or a word that connotes a gender bias, making it read like the job will only consider a specific gender as an applicant. In another example, if a job description fails to describe the position or weighs heavily on education rather than skills and competencies, it could alienate individuals who might be adequately qualified and limit your talent pool.

Enable collaboration across departments and areas of expertise

Job description management software takes job description workflows online, enabling real-time sharing and collaboration with key stakeholders. Department heads, compliance specialists, legal or people with specific technical expertise can weigh in on the job description quickly to help achieve an expedient, accurate, and compliant result.

Simplifies HR workflows

Online job description management software offers a central database that is user-friendly, convenient, sortable, and searchable. When changes need to be made across a department or “family” of job descriptions, they can be implemented quickly and globally so the HR employee can move on to other tasks.

Lower costs

By streamlining and democratizing one of the most labor-intensive tasks in the HR workflow, employees can get more done in less time, improve accuracy, and reduce costs throughout the organization. Companies no longer have to waste valuable payroll hours on inefficient processes and physical file management.

Final Thoughts

Considering the global HR crisis caused by events of the past two years, it’s more important than ever to ensure job descriptions accurately describe each position in every way. The job description is an essential point of reference for all departments and employees at every level of the organization, from entry-level to the c-suite.

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